Colosseo & Arco di Costantino.

Roma, Italia.


The largest amphitheatre in the world and the most most impressive monument of Rome. Crazy to think this architecture has been stood since 70 A.D. Known back in the day for the gladiator games and animal fights, I’m so happy that this faded out. Two thirds of this monument fell to neglect and was destroyed.

This was our first stop, it wasn’t raining and as we realised we were on the right footpath with this beautiful site in front of us; we began to get really excited. What amazed me was to the right hand side there is an abundance of homes that overlook the Colosseo, ya know, because that’s normal having an ancient masterpiece as your view from your lounge (sense the sarcasm). We didn’t have enough time to tour the inside but I definitely believe it is a must if you do have the time.

Arco di Constantino; the largest Roman triumphal arch that sits next to the Colosseo and Palatine Hill. It was erected to signify victory for the Battle of Milvian Bridge way back in 315. It is blocked off with metal fencing which does no justice to it’s beauty but it is understandable; there is after all a staircase leading up to the very top. I dread to think what would happen to it if it weren’t fenced in.

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