Fontana di Trevi

Ok so i totally screwed up and I am going to come clean right now. I had no idea I had to throw a coin in and make a wish. What a dummy. Did you visit the fountain and not know this either? Well you’re not alone. If you did happen to make a wish though; I hope it was a good one. But you have to do it right. The coin should be thrown using the right hand over the left shoulder and this will apparently ensure a return visit to Rome. Well anyway how ever you threw it did you happen to take note of how beautiful the facade is? The film “La Dolce Vita” (translated to “The Sweet Life’“) made this area even more iconic.


As a tourist you can wander the streets or even stay in hotels overlooking this marvel (can’t imagine the price). A pope showed interest in 1629 in wanting to make this fountain bigger than it was. Despite his death, following were more people and another pope that took interest and eventually in 1732 Salvi started design and construction. Work was half done when Salvi died and so the fountain wasn’t complete until 1762 by Pannini.

Not going to ramble on with more dates and timelines but you should definitely stand here and take some time to take in all of the architecture that each and every person had a hand in, all way back in the 1700’s. Isn’t that just crazy that in an era where there was significantly less labour than we have now, they still created these monstrous pieces that are STILL standing. Makes you wonder if our buildings will be standing in centuries to come?

Did I happen to mention just how crowded it could get? Take a look at the picture of me with sooo many people, and that isn’t even its busiest so bare that in mind. (Push a little to get to the front).

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