Pantheon & Piazza Navona

On the day we visited Rome it was torrential rain. We thought by going inside the Pantheon we would have a small window to dry off a little. As we entered we walked to the right taking in all of the historical artefacts laying there. Free to enter so pretty crowded and the guards stand for no nonsense, or dilly-dallying for that matter. After just a few moments the rain came down even harder and people started to congregate onto the outskirts of the dome like building. Taking a look up, the rain was just pouring in from the centre of the dome. I know, I know, its just rain you’re thinking, but there was just something so magical being inside there and witnessing the opening juts fill with rain. The video gives you a little glimpse.

Listen to the rain pouring in through the very centre of the Pantheon.

Anyway back to artefacts; the Pantheon is a temple to the Gods of Pagan Rome. With Corinthian columns built of granite this circular building stands at 43m/142ft high. It was commissioned during the reign of Augustus which was 27BC-14AD. Can I get a shocked face emoji right here? But it was not completed until approximately 118AD-126AD. Yes it is that old. This building is the most preserved from the Roman times as it has been used at many times for different occasions and reasons. In my opinion, don’t skip this one, especially that it is free to visit. It is worth the wait (if there is a queue). After years to follow from your trip to Rome, you can then say “I stood in there”, “I saw that”.

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