Billy Goat Trail, MD

Originally my gut told me not to do this.  I am not a morning person, and I’m not known for being a hiker with these short legs of mine. I may add that I was in no way prepared for this either.

As a child; my daily routine would be waking at 5am to be on the ice ready to train for 6am so I’ve paid my dues in early morning rises, so where I can; I decline nowadays.  But, the night before, I changed my mind because you only live once and got my arse in gear to walk some steps the following morning.

A little bit about Billy Goat Trail (which I only just found out whilst writing this blog so all fun stuff for me too!).

It is a really well known hike in this area, mainly because the terrains are so uneven which gives you such a fun experience.  You have an incredible view of the Potomac River pretty much the whole way, which is stunning when the sun rises. 

We arrived around 8/830am so we got there a little bit earlier than most folk so we missed alot of the hustle and bustle.  

My husband and I were with people that would hike here frequently so we went with the flow, letting them lead so we could follow (lagging behind).  Passing people going in the opposite direction to us, we soon realised that we were going backwards along route A. 

Our trail was a little over three miles from where we began opposite “The Old Anglers Inn”.  There is parking here and also pretty decent public restrooms.  To my recollection we didn’t pay parking either. 

We then followed the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Towpath until we came to the entrance (or exit) of the trail.

So on the hike map that you’ll find on the Billy Goat Trail website here , it shows parking at the end of the trail (where we were parked) and at Great Falls Park which is where you can find the information centre.

The entire trail is made of three sections; A, B and C which totals to 7.8miles.  Along route A, you’ll climb a fair bit and rock jump.  You’ll even find the 50ft traverse that you climb (down in our case) up.  I must admit I felt my heart jump a little.  Im no hiker, and I certainly was not dressed for the occasion so it takes a second to calm yourself.  But once you find your footing on the wall, its actually quite easy and fun and I wish I had got to do it again.  I think as I look back, I remember a man carrying his small dog with him!   


I wouldn’t normally bombard you with so many pictures but I couldn’t resist adding the following ones.  Take a minute and watch the photos below as they transition and take a moment to let yourself be there too.  It was such a peaceful place and wherever there are trees; I am there.  The beautiful colours of Autumn are one of my favourite things about this season.

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