Falling into Virginia

“Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen”.


Autumn really has a place in my heart. I have beautiful memories of fall and the way it makes me feel. There is something so adolescent about fall as it allows you to jump in the leaves and not be ashamed of your age.

Well, I’m not ashamed anyway. The colours that appear during this season are so bold and beautiful and everywhere can be that picture perfect moment for a camera.

We were so lucky enough to visit our family in Virginia for a few days and remind myself oh many layers I need nowadays since Ive acclimated to the Florida heat.

In between spending some much needed time with our family, we managed to squeeze in a quick trip to DC and Alexandria in my other blogs.

Virginia only being a short commute to DC, is ideal for working close by. I’m not so big on trains after years of always getting on the wrong ones and going in the wrong directions, but I actually surprised myself and got my act together whilst hopping on and off around DC. I do miss public transport. Florida doesn’t have the best transit system. Being British, public transport is definitely not lacking in my home country; even in the quietest of towns we still have train and bus services.  

Virginia really does have a lot to offer and with fall being one of the most popular months to travel; there is lots to choose from. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, harvests, wine festivals, music festivals, fairs, national parks, historical sites, the arts and there is even beaches to visit. 

With so many places to visit and such short time, we didn’t get to see too much but we did however go on a wicked fun hike… take a look!

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  1. V says:

    Your photos are so beautiful. You really have a knack ❤️


    1. Thank you so much!!!!


    2. Thank you so much 🙏


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