Delicious Distillery

So the distillery was a last minute option.  It had been throwing it down all day and squelchy socks and shoes just aren’t my thing. But my husband Jason really wanted to go here.  So we did.

Only a few minutes drive in the car, the building is in a quieter and more secluded area of the town.  Parking is plentiful so we didn’t need to worry even though it did look busy.  We got there just minutes before a tour started and as we were ushered in.  I could tell the pair of us were slightly confused after not paying a dime? (I had not done any research on this place because I didn’t think we would have time for it on this trip, little did we know!).

So you’re ushered into a smaller room and take a seat whilst the tour guide tells you a little bit of background history of the distillery.  I’m not going to give too much away because I think it is something many people can enjoy.  There were even kids there with their parents which I personally think is a fab idea because you get to learn just HOW this alcohol is created.  You pass the area where all the magic of the stirring and taste testing happens, then the ageing barrels. 

For the last part of the guide, a demonstration begins on how to make some yummy drinks, and how they used to do it when they didn’t have the tools like we do now.  Except the distillery (and the restaurant upstairs) still apply some of these techniques.  You’re able to try these samples for free! 

So you enter the store area and two lads showed us another demonstration and allowed us to try samples.  Baring in mind like I said before in my blog “My Bests in St.Augustine”, I don’t really drink so my hubby was having my sample.  Then you are left to your own devices to purchase anything that caught your eye. Remember: all locally farmed and something they’re very proud of, “farmed to table to farmed”.  They try to be as economical as possible, giving back as much as they can.    

Without further ado, here are some pictures to give you an idea of what you’ll be seeing on your FREE tour!  Don’t miss the last section on the FOOD!!!! 

Click here for St.Augustine’s Distillery for all there is to know.


Ice Plant

( Restaurant (upstairs)

If you like your meat or fish, this is definitely a place you want to eat at, especially if you’re feeling a little tipsy fro your free samples in the distillery downstairs.  Following their “farm to table to farm” process; everything is fresh and organic to eat, and drink.

I am however following a vegan way of life so the menu looked quite bleek for me.  But, if you’re like me and find yourself trying to scramble something together, then just ask the waitress.  Our waitress was super sweet and went to ask the chefs opinion.  Came back with some wonderful options and I was not disappointed.  Take a look at my photos below of the food we were given.

First picture – Chef’s DIY dish,  Mixed veggies with the perfect blend of spice and curry.  the senses made me feel like I was back living in Germany on a cold winters day and I was eating this for my Christmas dinner.  It was a stunning mix of flavours and even if you are not vegan, this is still a yummy option! 

Second picture – Home cut fries.  We all know home cut is always tastier… but you HAVE to try these!!!! 

Third – R&R Farm Stand Watermelon and Tomato Salad.  I’m not a big lover of mixing fruit and veg, but wow was I wrong to assume I wouldn’t like this version.  The watermelon was so fresh in a lemon vinaigrette, just beautiful and fresh.

We both picked at each plate, mixing the tastes and despite them being very different, they all complimented each other well.  The salad was so light and fresh that it would clear my palette before taking another fork full of curried veggies.  Are you hungry yet?? 

I highly recommend eating here.  Not only for the food but the drinks menu is also very interesting.  The decor is very vintage, almost farmhouse like.  Just super cool! 

Click here for the Ice Plant’s website to view all there is to know.

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