Castle Combe

The prettiest village in England.

What you have to remember is that this is a very, very small town so parking is definitely limited and there tends to be atleast a handful of tourists around. There is parking just up the hill as if you were leaving the town (passing the Market Cross on your left).

I did find this town to be very peaceful and if you have more time than I did; either stay over here or spend a full day and take a book with you (that is if it is a nice day). I was only driving through so I had an hour to explore. But from what I could tell; on a nice, sunny day this is the perfect place for a quiet, peaceful afternoon, maybe with a picnic or your yoga mat if you’re into yoga like me. 

I started by the bridge which is a great place to take pictures like many tourists do (see picture below). I then followed the road up to the Market Cross and realised there was a hotel just around the back of the church. Both the church and Market Cross seem to date back to the 13th century.

There is a golf course that connects with the hotel and a circuit that you can drive some fast cars on and have a thrilling day. Crazy that there is this much for such a small town.

A town you should definitely visit when road tripping around the Cotswolds area of England. I visited three other towns following this. Take a peak at my next town here.

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