Rojales Cuevas

Rojales Cuevas are situated near a small town called Rojales.  Rojales is a small Spanish town close to Benijofar, Ciudad Quesada, Almoradi and Torrevieja which is situated in Alicante if you haven’t been able to visit Spain before. 

The caves are high up on the hillside above everything.  You have an amazing view over the top of the next towns once you’re up there.  You can see from some of my pictures.  The weather wasn’t too sunny the day I went with my parents but it didn’t dampen our experience.

This town is famous for the cave houses situated here.  It’s a secret tourist attraction that not too many people know about so it tends to be pretty quiet whilst you’re walking around.  I personally feel there should be a level of respect kept in mind whilst walking this area because it is still somebody’s home and somebody’s land that you’re walking in close proximity to.  Just to be in this area of town alone, is pretty spectacular. If you refer up to the photographs of the piano and the hill, you can literally view the whole town below and other towns afar.  Pretty amazing.  The day my parents and myself went seemed to be an overcast day, but we didn’t complain because I can imagine the heat can linger up there.    

Manuel Fulleda Alcaraz is the owner of the home above; La Casa de las Conchas (the shell house).  Over the years, he collected shells and literally decorated his whole home with them as you can see.  My kind of home as I love shells. Manuel purchased this home in 1974 for himself and his bride to begin their lives together. Working minimum wage and busting his tail for so long; he retired in 1993, spending time at the beach and enjoying life finally.  He would walk over four miles to reach the beachside and would carry a big bag with him and everytime would fill it full of the shells that would wash up on the shore.  He put use to them by coating his whole house instead of painting it.  There are shards of glass and ceramic tiles used to create more depth and contrast.  

Not only is this home beautifully decorated with shells, there are six terraces to marvel at, all being peculiar shaped spaces because the house is built on the hill.  

Being the maker of this home you would think he claimed to the celebrity status, but instead has remained humble.  A stunning home that is definitely worth a look at.  Talent isn’t always publicised and I find the humbleness of this place just beautiful.  It makes you appreciate the fact that he did this for himself for pleasure and for nothing more.  

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