Temple Bar

Arriving late into Dublin, despite it raining, Jason and I decided to talk a walk into the city.  Our hotel was only 5 minutes walk over the Ha Penny Bridge and with it being a Friday night, why not delve into the bar life to see what Dublin is all about.  Our first point of call was Temple Bar.

Situated on the south bank area of the River Liffey, this cultural quarter draws so much attention to it from tourists for its fun nightlife.  There isn’t just The Temple Bar though.  You’ll find The Palace Bar, Oliver St. John Gogarty’s and The Auld Dubliner (fine boys bar).  

The amount of history that circulates this space is vast.  If you’re a real history buff, then I suggest you get reading; especially if you decide that Dublin is going to be a place that you visit.  This blog won’t entail all the details but I will be including some.


So… it was originally named St.Andrews Parish in Anglo-Norman times until the 14th century when the district became unused after attacks were sought upon by the Irish.  Come 17th century and the district was then reborn.  This street known as Temple bar was only mentioned in 1673 on a map of Dublin.  Looking for more information? Take a look at Temple Bar’s website here.

So given that we arrived on a Friday night, you can imagine how busy it was.  We could barely fit in the door and had to try push our way towards the bar.  Overall, I find Dublin can be overpriced in comparison to some of the other major cities I have had the pleasure of visiting.  So when you order a pint of Guinness and you’re asked for €6, your jaw slightly drops. BUT… the entertainment in the bar makes up for it and you pay for more than just a pint.  There was an awesome singer belting some tunes out whilst the pub was filled with locals and tourists cheering her on.  Festive decorations that had been left up after Christmas to continue the festive cheer and an overall welcoming feeling to the bar.  So all in all, I 100% suggest you go get your pint or whatever drink you like, and enjoy the atmosphere of what The Temple Bar has to offer.  

Food can be served here also and next door is a touristy shop selling all Temple Bar and Irish gifts. Both of which stay open to all hours of the morning.

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