Nature’s Calling

As I sit here in the patio area of the garden, I hear the birds chirping, a slight breeze brushing by me, the sun setting from baby blue to pastel oranges and pinks.  It is a stunning setting in Spring and Summer because all the flower are blooming and everything is alive and kicking.  

It has always been a place that my heart has lived because I’ve spent many nights growing up here and learning about the birds and flowers through Nanna’s knowledge.  She had a German Shepard dog as I was growing up called Ob Dewla.  When you hear “German Shepard” most people are slightly nervous but for anybody who has had one of these dogs knows how loyal and nurturing they are.   Dewla was very protective of her home and her family, extremely loyal but so so loving and definitely thought she was smaller than what she was. 

There is a few slip roads that lead off from this country lane and I remember many times we walked Dewla down them (a specific one more often than not) and as a child I remember how free I felt being able to live amongst the fields and see cows for most of the year, and play in this beautiful garden.  Playing tug of war with this dog that was double my size.  Needless to say; she won every time!!

I am now 31 years old and I still remember those memories very clear, probably more so now.  My family home always gives me a warm feeling especially when its quiet so I can appreciate those comforting sounds from nature.  Now currently living in Orlando; I often hear sirens or cars passing by, or noisy neighbours that have zero respect.  I’m sure you know what I mean.  So to come home is always such a weight off my shoulders.  Especially now because I have been given the opportunity to come back in June and July this year.  Most years since I moved to the states I would only visit in May and November/December.  Although May has beautiful scenery and Easter time is one of my favourite times of the year (thanks to Nanna), I still miss the summer months.  This year I have been especially fortunate because in the three weeks I have been in England, I have not seen one rain day!!! We all know England is not known for its sunny weather. 

So to round this up, I am sitting here taking in all of the positive things that this house has to offer.  A beautiful garden with beautiful blooming plants and flowers thanks to our bees, the birds learning to fly and talking to each other.  Then looking a little further, the cows are enjoying their grazing time in the fields beyond us.  There is always beauty out on the horizon, its just sometimes we have to remove our blinkers and be alone to notice them more.  I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity thanks to Nanna to have been able to call this my home, and still I can. 

So a message to Nanna, thank you for all you have given me.  They are priceless gifts that I will forever cherish and what a wonderful setting you gave me to grow up in.  I miss you. xxx

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