Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is just a phenomenal area of bright red Aztec sandstone.  The area spans out over 40,000 acres, just incredible right?

Valley of Fire was named after the red sandstone formations that formed whilst the sand dunes shifted during the dinosaur age.  This was more than 150 million years ago (the Mesozoic Era).  Standing there on these rocks gives you an idea of how ancient they are, even without researching the history. 

A Visitor Centre is at the entrance where you can attain any information that you require on the geology, ecology, prehistory and history of the park.

Travelling just approximately an hour from the Vegas strip, we arrived in no time at this beauty.  We anticipated that a few hours would be enough but it really wasn’t.  We had to rush our adventure because our flight back to Orlando was late afternoon.  Amazing that we got to see this place but definitely needed more time to breathe it all in.

I seriously urge you to go here.  Unlike the other national parks in the area, its cheap (we paid a $10 day fee-per car)  and easier to get to with it only being an hour away.

I never mind paying towards the upkeep of state parks because without it they wouldn’t be maintained for us to visit these wonders of our world.  

Just a mere 11,000 years ago, early man moved to the Nevada area.  According to information I researched, petroglyphs (rock carving) were created by these men and you can see them all over the rocks.  I was not aware of this until now so I am bummed I did not search for them when I was there and not in my living room.  It is said that you can spot some wildlife there too, and for more information on that and the Valley of Fire, you can visit their website.

As you can imagine I have many pictures from this tour so I have created a blog just with pictures of the Valley of Fire. You can go to this page here.

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