Since this was the first time I had visited the capital city of the USA, I had it in my head to see as much as possible. Like anywhere I travel; I always go with the mindset that I may never get to visit the destination again. It may be that I am running around like a headless chicken but at least I tick off all the most important places that I’d love to see whilst visiting.

The White House was cordoned off when myself and Jason visited so we had to look from a distance. Like Buckingham Palace, it amazes me that you can be just that close to an official building. Very striking to see it and I would have loved to have gotten closer but it just wasn’t meant to be that time around.

We were visiting in November of 2018 so it wasn’t exactly shorts and tshirt kinda weather. We wrapped up warm as there was a chill to the air, but the sun was beautiful with bright blue skies lighting the way. Below are some pictures I took of the different things that stood out as we walked around the city.

Our walking tour went from the White House to the Washington Monument. It stands a whopping 554feet high in the air, one monument you definitely wont miss. This was built to pay tribute to George Washington; the first President of the USA. From here; if you stand with it to your back; your gaze will take you to all the National Museums ahead, and way in the background you’ll see the Capitol building. Our path didn’t take us that way just yet. We got on a bus and went over to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Many important landmarks to visit in D.C. Of course The White House but don’t forget the Jefferson Memorial who was the main drafter of the Declaration of Independance. It is located on the Tidal Basin of the Potomac River. Gorgeous views can be seen from here.

Other landmarks are the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial and look out onto the view of the Washington Monument, Smithsonian Museums (so many to choose from), Union Station, Martin Luther King Memorial, Library of Congress and so many more!!! 


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