Palm Beach

Choosing to start with this because I wish I had known previous to setting off.

Park down Worth Avenue, that is if you don’t mind a few minutes walk. You’ll pay $2 per hour with a 2 hour max (so run back just before 2 hours and move your car) because be warned; parking enforcement drives round timely so don’t lose track of ticket and have your day ruined by a parking fine. I don’t think there is even a difference between weekdays and weekends because we were visiting on a Sunday afternoon. Parking on the beach front was $5 per hour!!!

Anyway now for the fun stuff.

The beach is stunning, with rock formations that add to its beauty. With you having to step down to the beach, you can easily forget where you parked, so look up and notice what building or landmark you can associate with where you parked. 

The only downside to this beach is if you are little more reserved, passers by are a very short distance from you. There are benches people can sit on and watch the ocean so just take note if if walking around in your bikini right next to the promenade is not for you.

The Clock Tower – sitting at the entrance to Worth Avenue, is considered a monument of the pier that originally stood there previous to a hurricane ripping through and destroying it in 1930.  In this posh, artsy town, Worth Avenue is renowned for its high end stores and winding little streets that via off Worth Avenue.  One these winding streets is where I found a tonne of beauty, seen in my images.

Via Amore, literally translates to the street of love, and this street really is magical with love. Beautiful magenta coloured flowers cover the european buildings giving jaw dropping views with a bright blue sky behind.  Extremely picturesque. Green leaves full of life, a mural of Pablo Picasso by Alex Gardega and fun statues of children playing gives a joyful experience to your stroll along Via Amore.

If you love discovering new things, continue to follow Via Amore back to Worth Avenue, with the ocean behind you and pass the restaurants and shops such as Ralph Lauren.  Here is another winding street called Via Parigi (translation Street of Paris).  Be in awe of the small but beautiful art museums, a water fountain, quaint apartment homes leading up from mosaic steps, just like you would see in Italy or maybe even France; just like the street name. 


Talk about walking around the world in one day. It really does make you feel like you’re visiting Spain or Italy. 

There is a road called Hibiscus Avenue where you can stroll around Pans Garden. It consists of over 300 native Florida plant species in this beautiful botanical garden.  I unfortunately did not take this street so I missed out so don’t make the same mistake as we did.

Brazilian Avenue.  The road to walk if you love fantasising about dream homes, follow this road all the way to the ocean.  I guarantee you will be mesmerised.  

My advice, have as much battery on your phone or camera because the sights you will see along this guided path will be something you will want to keep forever, not just in your minds memories.

That folks, was the ending to my day trip to Palm Beach. It was very magical especially because I have european roots.  I am half Italian and having lived in Italy and Spain; I really can say it was just like being back there.  If you have the money (alot) or fancy treating yourself, stay in this area and your mind will be blown.  If you want to stay low key budget wise, stay outside of the town.  Any questions, please ask away and have fun if you go to West Palm Beach. 

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