Palau de la Musica Catalana

Funny story upon entering Palau de la Musica Catalana.  

My husband and I arrived into Barcelona El-Prat airport mid morning (December 2017) and from there we took the train towards Sants station where our hotel for the night was about a ten minute walk.  Thinking we had time, we decided to take a nice stroll into the city centre, only to realise that we had ten minutes to leg it to this palace to watch a show.

Hopped in a taxi and the driver literally got us there on the dot of 12pm.  Ran up the stairs and luckily the show hadn’t started yet so we had time to get to our seats…. which of course were smack bang in the middle!!!  Saying sorry in Spanish as we passed about ten people that were not happy with our late entrance, we got to our seats, sat down and the show started.  Talk about good timing.  The look on our faces was priceless. What you have to remember about many european countries, it is deemed to be rude if you are not there. Having this instilled in me since a young age, I cringe if I am not arriving somewhere at minimum 10minutes before starting, so this was embarrassing for me.

This raw experience of sitting in this beautiful theatre watching the “Barcelona Guitar Trio & Dance”.  Anybody who knows me and my husband Jason, will personally know that this is right up our street.  My husband is a guitar player that has had the privilege of playing in different bands/gigs in various countries. 

Manuel González, Xavier Coll and Luis Robisco were the guitarists, as well as the flamenco dancers Jose M. Álvarez and Carolina Morgado and on percussion; Paquito Escudero.  Such a wonderful mix of talent as well the excitement of sitting in this famous palace that dates back to the early 1900’s.  You’ll find this building in the Sant Pere district of Barcelona.  

This concert hall was declared in 1997 as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.  It is the only concert hall to have ever been declared.

Inside the building you’ll find a mix of arts such as sculpture, mosaic, stained glass and wrought iron.  The ceiling above you has this huge panel of stained glass which is just magical to look at.  When the light hits it, its a moment you will forever capture in your mind, just so happens I took some piccies too!

But you don’t have to watch a concert to visit.  You can book guided tours which I would highly suggest, but if you do have the chance to find a show that interests you, then do it!! This is a must see and a moment you’ll never forget!  Our concert tickets checked out at €45 each (but so worth it because we got to meet the guitarists too), but if that is too steep for your budget you can book here for their 55minute guided tour for just €20 each.

PS… If you do find yourself at a concert here, bare in mind the seating area doesn’t leave much room for your legs, especially where my husband and I sat.  First row on the first balcony.  Luckily the show wasn’t very long but keep that in mind if you’re 6ft!! (I am 5″3 and it bothered me).

Make this a stop on your tour of Barcelona.

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