European Food Picks

1. When in Rome, eat at Etabli

Found inside a 15th century building, this antique looking place seats more than you envision.  A few steps from Piazza Navona, you have the choice of hot beverages, food, wine or even cocktails; just depending on what time you’re there.  The bar lounge is open from 6pm-2am but the evening food menu doesn’t start until 7pm and ends at midnight.  Lots of options to choose from, whether you have a sweet tooth, an alcoholic beverage in mind, or a rich taste for dinner.  Jason and I stumbled upon this place actually trying to find somewhere else that was listed on the Happy Cow app.  The weather was horrible so Etabli got our business. We got super lucky because they also had vegan options. I thought Italy would be the problem country to eat in, but it actually turned out to be the best for vegan options.

Our pasta dishes were delicious; “Spaghettoni aglio, olio, peperoncino e cavolo nero” (did you try to say that with an italian accent?) which is spaghetti with garlic, oil, chilli and black cabbage.  Jason ordered (non-vegan at the time) ordered the “Tonnarelli cacio e pepe di Sichuan” which translated is a certain cheese and spicy pepper (vegetarian).  Both were so yummy and fresh, just the way it should be.  A very relaxed aroma, wonderful waiters that spoke great english so go find Etabli.

2. Feeling like a burger? Find La Trocadero

Steps away from Sagrada Familia, La Trocadero is small and slightly easy to miss. Too funky for you to miss though, whether you’re vegan or not. 

This burger joint has a bursting menu (all vegan)! A burger alone (€4-6) and the meal deal at €8.50 includes a burger, drink and yummy fries.  The fries were actually some of my fave that I’ve ever tried.  We ordered the Campburg and the Falburger. 

The interior of this place was killer, an old type writer, old radios/stereos and furniture that had been repurposed. Not a huge amount of space but enough to accomadate when it is super busy (especially around lunch time).  We arrived at 230pm after the mad rush so given that it was the afternoon, it had quietened down a fair amount by the time we left.  I urge you to visit La Trocadero, even if you’re not vegan.  The food is just way too good to pass by.  La Trocadero in Barcelona, Spain.

3. Another one for Barcelona, Petit Brot

Not one to be ignored.  The simplistic style of Petit Brot shines through their decor, food and gentle personalities.  Happy Cow helped me mucho when I found this place because they pay attention to all the small things.  This trip was with my mum so it was special to find somewhere like this to share with her.  Ensalada del Sol and Raw Falafel Duo were our picks of the day.  As you can see in the photos, the size of this was pretty big and very filling (yes salads can fill you up!).  Organic, raw-vegan and gluten free, Petit Brot is just 8 minutes walk from Plaça de Catalunya.

4. A unique delight: Sova Food Vegan Butcher

Super hangry and Sova require reservations (as stated on the Happy Cow app), but we lucked out and managed to get a table, luckily.  

As you enter Sova, it has a more upscale feel with dimmed lights and smaller tables, more personal.  Despite looking small, there is an upstairs here also.  We ordered the Full Irish Breakfast and the Doner Kebab.  Both of which were outstanding and presented so tastefully.  Definitely left this food joint with a food baby.  Of course I had to indulge in the Strawberry Cheesecake, OMG!!! If you’re visiting Dublin, Sova is some minutes walk from the St.Patricks Cathedral area and if you follow the same route as what my husband and I did, then it takes you on nicely towards the St.Stephens Green area where you’ll find the shopping centre, Merrion Square (look for all the doors) and eventually following back to O’Connor Street.  

To read more about my days out in these beautiful cities (I don’t just eat there and leave ya know), then take a look at my other blogs that go more in depth about what each place has to offer.  Enjoy, and buon apetit! 

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