Christ Church, Dublin.

Just a short walk off this Irish highstreet and you’ll find this cathedral on the corner. Not inconspicuous in the slightest as the steeples can be seen from far. Somewhat grey and gloomy on the outside but the inside is far from it.

With a beautiful pathway down the centre, be sure to take a look upwards towards the high vaulted ceilings, something that is very common with historical cathedrals. The earliest manuscripts date this cathedral back to 1030. With so many reformations from day one, it now stands as a Victorianised cathedral purely because of all the renovations.  

Their famous bells, (19 of them wow) weigh between a 1/4 of a ton to 2 and 1/4 tons. Some bells here are there from 1738.

Below you’ll see images of the Crypt. The largest one in Ireland actually, and the earliest surviving structure to Dublin. You’ll see lots of artifacts down here such as silver, clothing that was worn in these times, and the cat and the rat.

To find out more, you can visit their website here. You can buy tickets online, but we just bought our entries upon arrival which was €7 (€6.75 online). There are other ticket options which you can find on the website too.

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