Ok, so this year was meant to be a brand new start for me. I had promised myself to write more and deliver articles that had a higher purpose. So far; I have not written a single thing since July and I have nobody but myself to blame. I have however had lots of life lessons. 

Most of you who personally know me; know I had a very strong connection to my Nanna that often resembled a mother-daughter bond given I spent many days/nights were her as a child and then later on in life; my family and I moved into her home. Three generations under one roof, yeah sometimes it got complicated, but the love for your family is irreplaceable even if you do want to pull each others hair out (not literally, its a figure of speech). It comes as no shock that since my Nanna passed away in March of this year, I have had some curve balls thrown my way; mentally and physically. In comparison to others, my issues are minor but the key thing to remember in life is to never judge yourself based on somebody else’s life. And that is where we become stuck sometimes. Guilt takes over for feeling crappy even though you have “more” than the next person sitting next to you. I say “more” like that because some people have less money, some people can’t afford one car let alone two. Some people can’t pay their medical bills so they go without and so on and so on. There is always somebody less fortunate than us but in order to combat loss, grief, depression, anxiety, we must try not to compare situations with others as it hinders the process.

“Never be in a hurry. 
Do everything quietly 
and in a calm spirit. 
Do not lose your inner peace 
for anything whatsoever. 
Even if your whole world 
seems upset”

Anna Maria Island, FL.

So I recently found a song on my Soundcloud account that woke me up. The lyrics reminded me that money, fortune and all those fun things are handy to have in life, but the most important thing is taking out first breath as we wake in a morning. Some people don’t get to do that. We have to be so grateful for life. I am not ecstatic over the way my year 2018 has turned out so far, but I do see many positive changes that I have forced upon myself and I see continuing. I have a desperate need inside me to fulfil on a higher purpose. But I don’t know what that higher purpose is. So I am writing this article to you, whoever you are that is reading this, to remind you that we’re never alone in these thoughts. The mundane jobs getting us down. The “not knowing what if” part of life that can sometimes take over our thoughts and actions. But in the end; we can’t do anything but work hard, and believe that one day our hard work pays off and we get to do the things we felt deep down in our hearts and envisioned in our minds. It’s ok to have these feelings but whats not ok is to let them consume you. So if you need waking up like me, and music can be the way to do it (just like me), then take a listen to this song, and this song also (click on the words song and it will take you straight to them).

“You are way too divine to be living life on the sidelines”

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