About Me

Hey, I am a British expat living and working in Orlando, Florida, USA. My intentions for moving here in the simplest form; because my husband Jason is American and lived in Orlando for some time before I met him whilst living in Germany. You’ll see Jason pop up quite a bit in my blog posts because not only is he my hubby, but he is my travel buddy too.

Naturally I am a creature of habit and as a child I was not keen on change. In some ways I still revert back to these ways such as; food… if I like one thing on the menu, I’ll always stick with it instead of trying other options (if its a food joint I acquaint often).

But when it comes to travel experiences, I enjoy searching for new places to visit and new experiences no matter where I am in the world.

The world is so vast that naturally I have a long list of towns and countries that I would love to visit. Fortunately in my life so far, I have had the privilege of living in various countries and seeing some of Europe already, but there are so so many other areas I have yet to explore.

Travel is not my full time job (although I would love it to be).  Previously I was ice-skating professionally and then decided to further her education in the fitness field and become a group class instructor teaching Zumba, Barre, Yoga and more.  Both careers gave me opportunities to travel and work in various countries around the world.  Some of my best experiences were the shortest show contracts.  Keeping in mind quality over quantity. 

Up until recently I was always more of a pessimist person, slightly aggressive and negative. But after finding yoga, I have learn’t how to control those emotions to become more positive and calm in my life.

It’s been a challenging yet awakening experience following the passing of my Nanna. We live life so invincible sometimes that we forget to realise it can be cut short, shorter than expected. After this trauma in my life, I have strived to educate myself fully in terms of health and welfare. I try my very best daily to be calmer, to boost my inner self, to be the better self that I can see. Not going to lie, it is not all rainbows and sunshines and my husband can definitely vouch for that especially since my health has been less than favourable, but perseverance is key along side positivity.

Travel is something that keeps me inspired; learning about new cultures, seeing new landscapes and enjoying the natural habitat of the earth.  It is here you can find me, NaCocoBee at my most happiest and calmest.